Monday, December 10, 2012

12 in 12

Well, I'm joining the party! Because I LOOOVVE me a party! I can't believe it's the end of 2012 already but I'm ready for 2013 to bring me some luck!
12. Favorite Movie Watched.
My husband and I love going to the movies but I am stick to what I like: comedy, romance & action. It's why the remake of 21 Jump Street was my favorite movie this year! There were some others that I really liked but 21 Jump Street topped my list for now. I'm really looking forward to to This is 40.

11. Favorite TV series.
BIG BANG THEORY! I do have many things on my DVR, I'll give you my scheduled recordings: Modern Family, Big Bang, Real Housewives of any city =), Teen Mom, Happy Endings, Glee, The League, Chelsea Lately, The Office, New Girl & Grey's Anatomy. When all else fails, HGTV & the Cooking Channel win. I'm a TV junkie. Please don't judge me.

10. Favorite Restaurant.
Hmmm... I do love to eat.... I don't really have a favorite restaurant... I can't choose... Oh! No! The Pressure! I'm not sure!! Anything with a good salad & pizza =)

9. Favorite New Thing I Tried.
Can I be totally cliche and say blogging, pinterest & TPT? It's true! All 3 of things have truly and sincerely made me a better teacher. I love the instant feedback from all of you reading. I just appreciate anyone being here at all. I can't tell you how it affects me when I make a sale on TPT or find out that I have more followers. I absolutely am in love with my work and I am happy to be a part of an online community that feels the same way I do. There are so many teachers out there who are being let down by their school systems & the ever growing budget cuts AND because of this, losing faith in their positions. I admire all of us on here that are doing what we can with what we've got AND with a smile. This is 100% my favorite new thing I've tried.

8. Favorite Gift Received.
A friendship bracelet from my BFF. Thank you Zuleyka- love you!
7.  Favorite Thing Pinned.
Anything on my For a Laugh Pinboard. My favorites are the e-cards. I LOVE those!
Well, any Pins really. I am grateful for all of the wonderful classroom ideas I've gotten from Pinterest. I have a whole bunch of KinderSchminder boards dedicated to different subject areas.

6. Favorite Blog Post.
Teaching with iPods I liked this post because I like using my iPods and I like to help others out with getting started as much as I can. Actually, I am going to start using them more regularly in my classroom especially for differentiation in January. Stay tuned! 

5. Favorite Accomplishment.
Successful implementation of Daily 5. I got so excited about it, I started telling everyone who would listen at my school and now first grade is doing it, second grade is on board and we are all LOVING it. We haven't started in kindergarten just yet but we will in 2013! I can't wait!

4. Favorite Picture.
Because my nephew is the best. He only has aunts and girl cousins but somehow figured out how to tackle Tia Vanessa. This is my favorite.
Can't figure out why it's sideways
3. Favorite Memory.
Camping and hiking with my best friends, my sister & my nephew. Camping at the beach is awesome and I love the little footprints they left in the sand. 
My 2 favorite people: My hubby & my nephew

2. Goal for 2013.
Get excited about working out and doing it routinely. I know I can do it. I know I can do it. I know I can do it.

1. One Little Word.


Ok amigos, it's your turn. Write about your 12 in 12 and link up!

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