Thursday, July 12, 2012

B is for BUILD (continued)

It's Thursday!!! I am ready for the weekend, just
I got caught up with putting up my new bulletin boards today after school so I completely forgot my summer school binder and my guide to everything BUILD related. For now, here are the activities that I have used and am hoping to use with my K-1 and 2-4 summer school classes. I am giving you these from memory because I wanted to be sure I posted today, I will surely forget many things so bear with me! Don't forget to pick up the BUILD freebie from my last post.

B- Buddy Games- These are various games that work on different concepts. Since this is summer school, I want to give exposure to as many things as possible in order to keep their brains fresh. If this were the regular school year, I would put games out that relate to the current area of study with a few review games.
K-1 B
-ZINGO, number puzzles, addition/subtraction puzzles, Flip (also known as war), addition/subtraction Flip, memory, Bankrupt (coin identification game), clear the board
2-4 B
-Multiplication flip, mystery number, racing rectangles, BINGO, power towers, race to the top,

U- Using Manipulatives- I really want the students to get a chance to explore the manipulatives and use them in many different ways. I don't have worksheets or reflections for this but I set many expectations to be sure that they are working on math concepts. 
K-1 U
-Balance scales, fruit & dinosaur counters, pattern blocks, pattern blocks picture sheets, rulers (showing only inches), number cubes, unifix cubes, sorting rings, and more
2-4 U
-Scales, unifix cubes, base 10 blocks, calculators, dinosaur counters, rulers, and more

I- Interactive Math- I changed this from the original "Independent Math." The freebie has Interactive Math but if you'd like to have an Independent Math pack, please feel free to ask! I will be happy to set you one to match the others. I am fortunate to have 8 iPods in my classroom so students use these during "I" time. I will also begin to get students to and/or, I'm not sure which to use yet.

L- Learning Numbers- I have worksheets and daily practice sheets to use during "L" time. Since we do many hands-on, game-like lessons, we try to make sure students also get practice doing some fun and motivating worksheets, because, unfortunately, they just have to know how to do these. Bummer.
K-1 L
-Color by number/addition/subtraction, Connect the dots (count by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s), domino dot counting, domino dot addition/subtraction, fact families, flashcards and more
2-4 L
-Color by number (double digit addition/subtraction, multiplication, division), number BOGGLE, division bingo, missing numbers multiplication table, flashcards and more

D- Doing Math- This is the time where I can work with students in a small group. I can teach new concepts, review, practice, etc. Doing math time is so important to meeting all students' needs. I also teach how to play new games for buddy games or explain worksheets for learning numbers.

What I forgot to mention in my last post was that I keep track of what the students choose each day. This way I can be sure that each student makes it to each letter and everyone gets a fair chance to play the "fun" things (I actually just mean the iPods, they are quite popular). If it were up to the kiddos, they would choose the same ones over and over but that defeats the whole purpose of BUILD! In the freebie pack, there is a grid to jot down what the students are choosing. You can make 2 double sided copies of it and you are ready for a month!

Here are some snapshots of the kiddos at work...
Sorting rings

Number scale. This isn't exactly how to use this but look at what he's doing! I would have never thought of that! I asked him to use different types of things on both sides to see what would happen, he was hooked!
Number puzzles

Racing Rectangles
Flip (also known as War)
Make 10. Played like goldfish but instead of pairs, you have to get 2 cards that add up to 10.
Flashcards are kept in a photo album so that I can use them for years to come!
I hope this helps someone out there and please, please, please offer any suggestions. I really am new to this and sharing how I have used it, but I am no expert! Again, let me know if you download the freebie by leaving a comment.

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  1. BUILD is new to me. Do you have any suggestions on where else I can go to learn about it? Do you do this as your math instruction or in addition to math? Brilliant idea about putting flash cards in photo albums so the kids can write on them!

    1. Oh yeah, I also meant to ask what they do on the iPods.

    2. This would be in addition to my math instruction. Unfortunately, I don't have any where else to learn about it. I found it on Pinterest and ran with it with the idea of Daily5 on my mind. I am going to post the games I use for iPods soon, keep posted!
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  2. Those are some great Math stations. The balance scale is something I need for sure.