Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently! I'm baaaaack!

Hello my long, lost friends!!
I haven't blogged in soooooooo long so I decided that I would make my comeback with the August currently! I'm sitting down and I just opened up Farley's blog and there are already 198 entries! Wowsa!

Here's mine...
So You Think You Can Dance... anyone else a fan? Don't tell him that I told you this but my husband loves this show, too!

My new computer! I think my last 5 currentlys said that I needed a new computer and I FINALLY saved up enough pennies to get a new one! I couldn't even remember what a working laptop was... my old one had a broken screen, the power cord was broken and the track pad would go crazy every once in a while. My new one is fresh, clean and super fast!

I want to meet my new nephew already! So, my sister's due date is actually today but we want him out already! Like last week! Maybe it'll be tomorrow...

To start setting up my classroom but I have to wait until next week because it is going through cleaning this week.

Needing... Next week I start setting up my classroom and the week after I start school! Boooo! Gotta make the best of the little time I have left.

B2s must haves...
1. New pencils... I gotta have new pencils to go with my new plan book, right? I ONLY use pencil in my plan book because, well, you all understand the need to erase and switch things around.

2. New first day of school outfit... I just gotta have one! I always feel just a little more confident talking to those parents for the first time when I have extra cute clothes on!

3. New lunch bag... because... well... I'm just a nerd that way. I always loved back to school shopping ever since I can remember. My mom would always joke that she would lose me in a Staples or Office Depot because I would just roam all the aisles and looking for a new lunch box/bag was always on the list. I finally got myself a 31 bag...

Isn't it cute??

That's all for me today... I'll be back soon with my Back to School Goals and hopefully a picture of my new nephew!


  1. Good luck to your sister!! Also.....I have that SAME 31 Lunch Bag!! LOL! Of course, not with your name on it.... ;-) I also wrote about my love of Staples on my currently. For's the pen aisle.

    From Mrs. Allen’s Teaching Files

    1. Totally spend most of my Staples time in the pen aisle!

  2. How exciting, a nephew on the way!!! I know the excitement because I have a nephew on the way too, however I still have until October to wait!! Good luck getting your room ready, I will stop complaining that I only 2 weeks left because the more currently posts I read, the more I realize most have only 1 week left!!! :)

    Surviving the Little People

    1. Way to rub it in! Just kidding, enjoy your vacation because they are all becoming so short!
      Congrats on your new nephew, too!

  3. I danced for 12 years growing up and LOVE this show...sad thing is I watched the try-outs but Big Brother took over my TV life so I haven't watched any of the performance episodes...shocking!

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. I've never seen Big Brother but I can't step away from So You Think You Can Dance!

  4. I received a 31 messenger bag 2 years ago as a Christmas present from one of my students. I love the bag and use it all the time. It has held up so well. I also need a new outfit for BTS. I just need to do some clothes shopping. :)

    -Jeremy @ Mr. Michelbook's Classroom

  5. Welcome back! I can't believe that's your FIRST 31 bag. I have about a million! Funny, though, I don't have the lunch bag. My kids both do, though!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

    1. I know! I kept reading about everyone's 31 bags so when my aunt was hosting a party, I was the first to RSVP!

  6. That bag is really cute! I love So You Think You Can Dance! :)


  7. I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!!! Only reality show I watch!

    Chickadee Jubilee

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