Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rhyme Guy and Calendar Journals

Howdy friends!
I wanted to share something that we do with our students each year to help them with their math skills and reading skills... RHYME GUY and CALENDAR JOURNALS! After winter break, the students always return juuuuussstt a little bit more mature and they are ready for this next step in our routine. Sooo, after recess each day with have our Class Meeting. On Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays we complete our Calendar Journals and on Tuesdays and Thursdays we do Rhyme Guy. The students pick up on this routine quickly and I don't have to do much work to get them with that (I am a creature of routine and my students follow suit). OK, OK, hold on, before we alternate, we spend a week completing each one slowly together and then after that we alternate and work slowly until they can get to it all on their own. Let me show you pictures:
Calendar  Journals

Calendar Journals
Calendar Journals
I use my interactive whiteboard to walk the students through each step. We walk through all the steps together and they know exactly where to find the information they need.
Calendar Wall (imagine March has numbers on it)
Calendar Journal
I LOVE using the calendar journals! After a week or two of doing strictly calendar journals, we start rhyme guy...
Rhyme Guy is a superhero who only speaks in rhyme. He says a word and the students try to write as many rhyming words as they can...

When they are done writing, we put as many as we can on the board. I call on a student, they tell me their word, spell their word and we all read it together. LOOOOVE Rhyme Guy! After a while, I ask some students to write silly sentences using those rhymes, "The dog sits on a log with a hog."

Ok, ok, that was A LOT! You can pick up Rhyme Guy at my TpT store soon and my Calendar Journals are already there!

Want the Calendar Journal for free?? Leave a comment with your email before tomorrow night and it's yours!



  1. I've always wanted to try Calendar Journals...this will give me a push in the right direction!

  2. Wow, you'll share your journals with us for FREE? Thanks so much Vanessa! I like how you stick to routines, I think that's so important for K's and they thrive.
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks. I definitely want to try this. I have some Kinders who could so use the challenge.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. How generous! I would love to try out your Calendar Journals!
    Mindful Rambles

  6. Thank you all for your interest... they are being sent as I type! (yes, I can multi-task like a champ!)



  7. Hi I would be happy to do your calendar journals.

    Thankyou :)

  8. i am sure i am too late, but it was worth a try to see if i could still grab your awesome calendar journal

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