Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iPod Organization & a tutorial

Hi Everyone!
So, I started using my ipods in my classroom yesterday! woo hoo! These kids are so used to the technology already so I didn't have too much explaining to do. I wanted to share with all of you how I organized them this year and how to use the same type of organization for other things like a computer center and maybe even your blog! You may want to look back at my previous post about how I actually use the ipods because today, it's all about the organization! =)
Here's how to make your ipods look like this...
The picture is a little blurry but each iPod has the iPod number and the students' names
I have 8 iPods and a big chunk of our day is in centers. I separated my groups and then numbered the kids in each group 1-6. I felt it was important to have assigned iPods this year because it is easier to track progress on specific games this way.
To make the background, here are the simple steps that I took:
1. Create a document in your favorite program. My favorite is PowerPoint. 
2. Save the document as a JPEG.
3. Email to yourself, save it to your iPod's pictures and change your wallpaper! TaDa! You're done!

If assigning the iPods is too much work or maybe unnessesary, you can just number the iPods using this quick trick.
You can ALSO do this for your classroom computers. This is what mine look like:
The names are different now but you get the point.
I like to set these all up now so that the students know exactly what to expect and when to expect it and I do not have to be a 5 different places at once (well, at least not for these few minutes). The students learn very quickly which iPod to use, which computer to use and there is no fighting or saying "but I didn't get a turn!" because guess what? it's all written down for me! =) Ahhhh, organizational bliss...
Oh! And you can use this trick with things for your blog...see that blog header? I made it in PowerPoint, saved it as a jpeg and then uploaded it to my blog. It's not the prettiest but it works for me (and I'm working on a new one). I am also working on a button to go with my Friday Photo Dump linky party. That reminds me... Start snapping pictures of things around your classroom to dump on Friday. You know those cute pictures that don't really go with your blog post but you want to show them off anyway? Yeah those ones... save them for the Friday Photo Dump linky Par-Tay! lol

Happy Picture taking! I hope someone benefits from this blog post...

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