Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Photo Dump Linky Party and some freebies!

I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Friday couldn't have come sooner. Does anyone else feel like 4 day weeks are the looooonnggest? I do. Every time. And my days are thrown off. I thought that Tuesday was Wednesday and I taught the wrong lessons. SO, I had to catch up today which also meant that other lessons had to be pushed back. AND yesterday my air conditioner broke. It was awwfuul! Everyone knows that my classroom is the coldest on campus. It is a freezer. Everyone knows it and everyone knew when it was broken because I practically cried myself. Though noone would have been able to tell because I was sweating so much. It was working today but not great. I hope they are coming soon....
Anyway... I hope you can join the party!!! Dump your pictures and start your weekend!
Look at those 8th grade flannel board experts!

The kiddos were so engaged in everything they had to say!

See that kid dripping in sweat? I looked quite similar! lol.

Taught the letter O this week using our SuperKids curriculum and Handwriting without Tears curriculum. Phew! Both programs are wonderful!

I had a parent volunteer today make loads of copies... This is actually the freebie today
Here are my freebies and the linky party...


  1. Hi! So excited that you're following me and I'd LOVE to join in on your linky party but not quite sure what to do. I see the link to add a picture, but is it a picture of anything specific?

    1. Nothing special, anything you want to share that didn't make your blog post!

    2. Love the numer book. Thanks for the freebie!

  2. Hi!
    I am your newest follower!
    Stop by sometime.

  3. Aw. Those poor kids! They were absolutely sweating inside the room! But I’m glad to see that their energy was still up despite the broken AC. You can see on their faces the willingness to learn (and play), despite the situation. I do hope the repair man came soon to fix the problem. I’m sure the kids would love learning new things in a pleasantly cool classroom with a working AC.

  4. Fun activities! Thanks for the freebie.

  5. Poor kids. It looks like they were really sweating the whole time. Any chance there’s a window or maybe an exhaust that could’ve at least alleviate the heat in the room? Good thing the kids were still in good spirits by the end of it. Good job! :)

    Royal Manuel

  6. It’s a good thing the kids took it all in stride and continued to be cheerful throughout the lesson. Although if they were accustomed to your usual colder classroom, they probably sweated buckets by the end of it. Hopefully there wasn’t any delays in repairs and your cool classroom was back in no time!

    Levi @

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