Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bulletin Boards, Musical Chairs and a Giveaway

Hello Friends!
It's Bulletin Board Day on Open House Week! Before we get to the pics though I HAVE to tell you about the wonderful moment I had with my class today... We are working on 1:1 correspondence which can be quite simple for the kids, right? Yes! So we decided to play a game of musical chairs to practice and reinforce the concept. The game also let me know who has trouble "losing" or getting out. WELL, we started out with rules first: walk safely all the way around the chairs, sit in a chair that is facing you, not a backwards one, yada, yada. So then, it was time to play. I wasn't sure how it was going to go BUT IT WAS GREAT! I have an amazing group of kids!! They are just precious. I didn't have all of them playing at once so those who did not play were cheering on the friends that were playing. Everytime someone got out, we all said, "that's okay (student's name)." I could tell there were a few of them that were fighting back tears but after the "that's okay" and the cheering for the others, they were fine. It was such a fun and simple activity that I think will go into my rainy day games stash. Especially now that I know it will work without too much chaos!
Ok, ok, I just had to share that story. Oh! Wait! Remember how I told you that my school is full inclusion? (I say it a million times, I know, I just love it), ALL students participated in this game. If a student couldn't participate, I think I would have had them control the music so that they are still a part of our classroom and game.
Ok, bulletin boards...

We recently taught senses. We used our sense of touch to touch different textures.

We had a Gingerbread Hunt all the way around our campus and then made our own gingerbread men.

I haven't put up too much info on the board yet but it will be a place where I put important stuff. I think. It's super cute, right?

We have taught sorting and patterning...

Link up to the Open House Linky... There are some amazing bloggy people to meet!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you all about a giveaway... check it out! She is going to choose 3 winners with some awesome prizes (even one from me!)
Tomorrow is the Friday Photo Dump Linky Party! I hope you can join me!

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