Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daily 5- Part tres

Phew! It has been one of those days!
I think maybe my kiddos are sensing that the end is near so all of the wonderful rules & routines are slowly being put to the back of their minds and summer is right in front! Or maybe that is just me? Whatever the case, I woke up late, I forgot to prep the materials for the day, the kids were extra talkative and I was excited to post some classroom pictures today BUT I left the camera cord sitting on my desk. UGH!
Anyway, I wanted to be sure to add something else today SO I'm handing over my Daily 5 check in sheet. I figured out quickly that I needed a way to track what the kiddos are choosing each day and I can't hold kindergarteners responsible for keeping track (or can I?) so out came the check in sheet. Take it if you need it!
I have to say, the Daily 5 has been very exciting for me and my students, I'm trying to get everyone I know on board with doing it in their classrooms.
Do you do Daily 5? Pros? Cons? I'm intrigued to see how others are incorporating it.

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