Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily 5- Part 2

My kiddos are really excited and motivated by the Daily 5. All students with all needs are enjoying this part of the day and it gives me ample opportunity to work with students and their goals. One student is reading Charlotte's Web and another is reading Bob Books; does it matter? Goodness, no! (Thanks Pete the cat) One of the ways I got my students to be involved and hold themselves accountable is by creating their I Chart with them on my computer. I have never heard the classroom so quiet than when I am typing a student's response. I created the posters on Powerpoint first then just filled them in with their answers. My original idea was to add in some clip art as they were giving me their answers but the time got the best of me. Still, the kids were very excited to see their name typed and projected. Our conversation went something like...
"What should the kids be doing during Read to Self time?"
"They should be quiet."
"Ooooo, great idea! Let me type that on our I Chart. She said 'We should be quiet.' Wait, who said that answer? Oh, Natalie, let me write her name next to her idea so we don't forget."
After the first response, EVERY hand went up in the classroom to offer an idea about what students and teachers should be doing. Make a connection? check! Make it meaningful? check! Repeat & practice? check! Now all I have to say is, "What was Natalie's idea about Read to Self time?" "We should be quiet," says the class.

What would I change for next time? 
* I would definitely try to incorporate some clip art for my kindergarteners. Probably clip art that can be consistent among all the I Charts like a finger over lips, a child sitting, a person working next to a timer, you know all those cute things! 

What to do for inclusion?
Dependent on the student and their needs,
* Make a separate chart ahead of time with clip art and pictures to outline the expectations for the student(s).
* Have children choose the names of those to be called on. This way, all students are participating in the chart making process. 

Make your I Charts or anchor charts with your students using a laptop and projector! Integrate technology and create a chart!
If you would like the template for the posters, just leave a comment & I will be happy to email you one.


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    1. Jen- send me an email and I can reply with the posters. These are available in a set on my TPT store. Go to the top link and it will take you there!

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